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Physical activity is important in the prevention and treatment of many significant medical conditions including heart and lung disease, diabetes, cancer, increased blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis and depression.

One of the few drawbacks of physical activity is the possibility of injury.The chance of injury is dictated by factors related to the individual – Intrinsic –  (body make up/fitness/ability/gender/risks they take/age) and those acting on them externally – Extrinsic – the activity they participate in (rugby/ snooker/ gym) and the environment in which they play (extremes of temperature/altitude, quality of playing surface).

Treatment of sports injuries can be expensive and time consuming both for the health service and the individual.

A lot of studies have investigated the effect of altering extrinsic risk factors – wearing proper protective equipment (gum shields, shin pads), correct playing surfaces, implementation and adherence to rules, children playing against each other based on weight not age. Few studies have looked at the effect of intrinisic factors on the prevention of sports injuries.

A recent study shows that stretching has no effect on the prevention of injuries. Multiple exposure programs, proprioceptive training and strength training all  reduce the frequency of sustaining injuries. Correct training reduces the number of both acute and overuse injuries.

Get fit and get sports specifically fit.