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Sit less, move more!

Physical activity (PA) helps prevent or treat increased blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer and depression. It improves memory and mental health.

It is recommended to undertake 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise each week.  2 strength training sessions should also be undertaken as well as working on flexibility and balance.

Research into the amount of physical activity people undertook used to be difficult, the production of accelerometers (now widely available as “watches”) has allowed researchers to accurately quantify how much physical activity individuals undertake. It has been shown that there are low levels of physical activity across all age groups with decreasing amounts of vigorous activity as people get older. Only 10-15% of adults are undertaking t he recommended levels of exercise.

Increased levels of activity in the elderly may allow them to maintain their independence.

Any activity is good and those that are the least active will benefit most by only small amounts of increased exercise.

The UK chief medical officer stated

“the majority of the UK’s older adults have low levels of activity so it is important to emphasis that they can achieve some health benefits from increasing their activity even if it is below the recommended levels.”

Suggestions include

  • getting up and walking around whenever adverts come on the TV
  • pacing around when on the telephone
  • standing up and moving around every hour

Sit less, move more… every little bit helps!